Our Services

For those who’d like some personalized help with their transition abroad, we also offer translation, consultant and concierge services. Moving internationally can be intimidating, especially if you arrive and realize you don’t remember a damn thing from high school Spanish. Stress less and let us help you get set up and settled in to you new life in Spain!

We can help you:
-find and rent an apartment or room in a flat-share
-open a Spanish bank account
-set up a Spanish cell phone
-buy a health insurance plan
-register (empadronar) at your new address
-cope with language barriers and complications at work and at home


Appointments for :opening a bank account, setting up and purchasing a SIM for a Spanish cell phone, apartment consulting = 15€ per hour

Apartment viewing service: includes fully personalized direct assistance in setting up apartment viewings, as well as accompaniment and translation during the viewing appointments = 20€ per hour

Get a 10% discount on your appointment for banking, phone and advisory services when you bring a friend or a 15% discount on apartment viewing services.